Orkun Hasekioğlu, Ph.D..
TUBITAK, Vice President

Dr. Orkun Hasekioglu, is Vice President of TUBITAK, Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Foundation, responsible for research institutions and international relations. He is also a board member of the EU Joint Research Centers (JRC).

He has BS, MS (Caltech) and PhD (RPI) degrees in Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering, with a specialization in signal processing, communications systems and networks. Prior to joining TUBITAK, after engaging in academia at Caltech and RPI, Dr. Hasekioglu, has served in General Electric’s R&D Center, Schenectady, NY, as a research engineer, Moren Communications as Chief Technology Officer, CHEMI Inc as Vice President responsible from product development, and AIT Inc, as Vice President and later on as President and partner. At AIT, an engineering R&D and consulting services company, his team was involved in the design, analysis and testing of advanced technological products. Later on, Dr. Hasekioglu joined Turkish Airlines Technic as CIO where he was responsible from developing and implementing enabling and innovative MRO IT Technologies for efficient maintenance operations.

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